Weekly Lessons

Our driving lessons are well structured and designed to meet the needs of busy people. 
If you are on shifts, at college, then you can be booked in at the same time every week or more flexible with your hours to suit your needs. 
Weekly lessons can be booked over 1hr, 1½hrs or 2hr slots. You can pay as you learn or Block book your lessons making it cheaper for yourself. 
If you are a college student and have a free lesson period, and wish to have your driving lesson in that time we will pick you up from college and then drop you back off at college giving you more revision time in the evening.

Motorway And Refresher

If you have just passed your driving test are have passed your test a long time ago and want to experience driving on a motorway but find the thought of it a little daunting then we can give you lesson or a course of lessons to get you feeling confident on them and you will never find them daunting again. Refresher lessons are for the pupils who have passed their test and want to brush up on their skills, or for the pupil who has not driven a car since passing their test then we can give you a lesson or a course of lessons to get you back in the driving seat. Hours for these courses range from 1hr, 1 ½, to 2 hrs 
Pauline Clayton 
Principal Female Driving Instructor