Welcome to Mitchells Female Driving School.
Intensive Driving Courses and Crash Course Driving Lessons with Female Driving Instructors in Tameside, Oldham and Stockport

Intensive Courses or (crash courses) are for pupils who want to learn quickly either because they are off to University or they are starting a new job which requires a Full Driving Licence. It is advisable that if you want to do this course that you have either taken your Theory Test or whilst during the course as this will delay you in taking your Practical Test. If and when taking the course it is better if we can book your Practical Test for the end of the course you can either book the test yourself or we will do it for you this will be included in the price of the course. The course ranges from 10hrs right up to 40hrs and can be spread over the week depending on availability.

This caters for the learner who has never had any lessons and starting from the beginnig also offers the complete syllabus of learning to drive up to test standard depending on the ability of the pupil and how quick they learn. I recommend you do this course over 4 weeks depending on how many hours a week could be a few weeks more to get to test standard.

This is for the Semi Learners who have had a few lessons and have learnt the basics of driving in previous lessons.This course can be done over 5-10 days depending on the hours of availability. 
5day course is recommended that you do 6hrs a day with a lunch break to regain your concentration. 
10day course can be done with 3hrs a day as most of your basic learning would have been covered before so you will have more time to absorb the information for other exercises which you will be learning to do.

This caters for the Intermediate Learner who is nearing test standard. The hours for this would be 4hrs a day based over a week with an additionalhalf hour rest break over the week to regain concentration.

This is the Driving Test Booster course where the pupil has had previous lessons before and just needs a refresher on their driving to get them up to test standard,2hrs a day is normally recommended for this as you would have covered everything in previous lessons and would just need a boost to get you ready for test.

As with all lessons you will be given handouts just to refresh your memory on exercises you are unsure on how to do, these will be given out at the end of every lesson so that you can read up on the exercise we will be covering next lesson.

Payment for these courses can either be paid cash, cheque,debit or credit card (3% charge on all credit cards)

Pauline Clayton 
Principal Female Driving Instructor